About us

Welcome to Nouveau Chic Agency, a boutique modeling agency founded by Prince Denner Henry, Record Executive Carl Shackleton, and fashion designer and model EmmaTrend. Our mission is to provide a unique and personalized experience to models of color around the world.

With offices in Atlanta, Belize, and Ghana, we aim to represent a diverse range of beauty and talent, who share our vision for transforming the world through fashion, art, and music. Our team is dedicated to nurturing and supporting each model's unique career journey, whether it be on the runway, in print, or on screen.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional client service, building lasting relationships with both models and brands alike. Our roster of models represents a wide spectrum of ages, sizes, and styles, ensuring that we can meet the needs of any project or campaign.

At Nouveau Chic Agency, we believe that fashion is a powerful tool for social change. We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and representation in all aspects of the fashion industry. By working together, we can create a more beautiful and equitable world.

Thank you for choosing Nouveau Chic Agency. We look forward to working with you!